Journal of Physical Agents

Journal of Physical Agents

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Journal of Pysical Agents (JoPha) looks for contributions describing scientific works in all areas that use agent-based technologies concepts, especially industrial applications, robotics and domotics (physical agents) and applications related to the information society, (software agents) highlighting the similarities and synergies among physical and software agents. We understand that physical agents applications are mainly orientated to the control, coordination and planning of autonomous systems.

Agents for the real world: robotics, domotics, vision, control. See the Announcements section for Call for Papers. For subscription, introduce your personal data in this form.

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Vol 8, No 1

Table of Contents

Special Issue on Advances on Physical Agents

Antonio Bandera
Félix Escalona, Angel Rodriguez, Francisco Gomez-Donoso, Jesus Martinez-Gomez, Miguel Cazorla
Pablo Bernal-Polo, Humberto Martínez-Barberá
Pedro Núñez, Eva Mogena, José Luis González
Luis Jesús Manso Fernández-Argüelles, L.V. Calderita, P. Bustos, A. Bandera
Julián Efrén Cristiano Rodríguez, Domènec Puig Valls, Miguel Angel García García