Journal of Physical Agents

MACSimJX: a tool for enabling agent modelling with Simulink using JADE

Charles R. Robinson, Peter Mendham, Tim Clarke



MACSimJX provides the means for advanced modelling and development of multiagent driven control systems. This is achieved by drawing together two modelling tools used extensively in their respective communities. These are Simulink, a tool used for control systems development and JADE, an environment for developing agents. Thus the strengths of their particular domains of application may be drawn upon to facilitate research and development in the joint field of decentralised systems control. To the authors knowledge no other implementation such as this exists. MACSimJX, otherwise known as the extension of MACSim with JADE, is available for download at


MACSimJX for decentralised control; Simulink with JADE; Agent-based systems; Sensor fusion; Control architectures and programming