Ubik: a multi-agent based simulator for ubiquitous computing applications

Emilio Serrano Fernández, Juan Antonio Botía Blaya, José Manuel Cadenas Figueredo


This paper introduces the development of an infrastructure to study highly complex systems of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) which involve a large number of users. The key ideas about the development of a multi-agent based simulation (MABS) for such purposes, Ubik, are given. The paper also extrapolates effective technologies in the development of multi-agent systems (MAS) to the field of MABS. In particular, the basis for the use of forensic analysis as a method to assist the analysis, understanding and debugging of Ubik in particular and the general MABS are set up.


Ambient intelligence; Multi-agent based simulation; Multi-agent systems; Forensic analysis

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/JoPha.2009.3.2.07