Journal of Physical Agents

Jde-neoc: component oriented software architecture for robotics

José María Cañas Plaza, Jesús Ruiz Ayúcar, Carlos Agüero Durán, Francisco Martín Rico



In this paper we present our software framework for robotic applications, jde-neoc. This is the second implementation of our cognitive behavior-based architecture JDE, and it is aimed to overcome some of the limitations observed in three years using the first one. jde-neoc uses schemas as the basic component of robot applications, which are combined in dynamic hierarchies to unfold the global behavior. Each schema is built separatedly into a plugin and dynamically linked to the framework when needed. It keeps its own graphical user interface. Some tools like a hierarchy oscilloscope and a 3D sensors-and-motors GUI have been created and added to the framework.


Robot programming; Intelligent robots; Programming environments; Mobile robots