Progress in RoboComp

Marco Antonio Gutiérrez Giraldo, Adrián Romero Garcés, Pablo Bustos García de Castro, Jesús Martínez Cruz


During the last six years the RoboComp robotics framework has been steadily growing in the number of software components, the variety of robots supported and in new solutions to the maintenance of large robotics software repositories. In this paper we present recent advances in the formal definition of the RoboComp component model and a new set of tools based on Domain Specific Languages that have been created to simplify the whole development cycle of the components. Moreover, a new robot simulation tool has been created providing perfect integration with RoboComp and better control over experiments than current existing simulators. Finally, the paper describes a working solution to the important problem of communications middleware independence, which allows users to decide which middleware the components will be compiled with. Our solution has been validated by the integration of Nerve, a novel middleware for critical robotics tasks, in RoboComp.


Robotics framework; Software engineering; Middleware; Performance; Robotics